D&K -115Your ceremony / celebration

As this is your day, it is only right that you decide how it proceeds. I am here to help and guide you, to make sure everything runs smoothly during the blessing and to help keep you calm, cool and comfortable, but what do you want?

This is a very exciting yet serious occasion. There are things you may not have thought of such as; Where is the ceremony taking place? Who can help me? What does the Celebrant look like? Does he know what to say? How I feel about my partner? Does he know what music I like? Can I ask him anything? Will he dress as I want him to?

Questions questions…

so, the answer is ‘Yes’ I will do anything and everything you require within my professional standards.

Where will the ceremony be?

Although you can have the ceremony just about anywhere, you should ultimately, unless you have everything planned yourself, use a professional planner who can help arrange everything for your day, who of course I will work closely with and can direct you.

Can you help choose how I dress?

From formal, to less formal, to ties, jacket, shoes, in fact, I have a range of outfits to suit, from three piece dark suits, to cravat/waistcoat ensembles to more casual chinos and open collars to Hawaiian shirt and shorts! Everything is your choice.

What about the spoken words?

I always encourage every couple to make their vows as personal and meaningful as possible. They are after all a pledge, a dedication to one another which truly marks the start of your wonderful life together. But again, I have a number of set vows whereby it will help you with wording and meaning and show each other your true feelings.

Will everybody see and hear us?

Of course, you want all parties to be able to hear your blessing, be able to see your happy event, so PA is available with mics and position will be arranged so all will see and hear everything. And if you want music, just ask, a favorite piece, a song, something you both feel will remind you forever when you hear it again.


imagesUG2OT9USHow long will it go on?

As long as you want! Typically, ceremonies can last from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on where the venue is or whether there are any special requirements, but time is never an issue, remember, it’s your day.

How does all this come about, do we talk to you?

Yes, well in advance and before any of this happens, we will speak with each other, if distance is the challenge, which it nearly always is, then we can ‘Skype’, or phone or use some other video device, or just plain meet up, and discuss all of the above to clarify and be clear on all you want.

Just remember, there is nothing that cannot be arranged, and trust me, you will be ready and it will all go off smoothly and it will be a very joyous time for you.

Love conquers all…